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Phyonix by Anwar Wilkerson - DarkprinceArmon Art: Lewd Nude Cartoon Artist (http://art.darkp.com) @darkprincearmon IG#. Materials used to produce this #art #illustration where #MixedMedia: graphite pencils, pastel chalk, permanent marker, POSCA marker, and gel pen. Reference used was Red Phoenix outfit from Marvel character, reimagined into a #uniquecharacter based from artist imagination. This character started out as a lewd of the Phoenix character from Marvels X men, but later on after changing her ethnicity, and removing her main outfit, I decided that perhaps I had an opportunity to flip the character from a copy to a unique. My first illustration of her does show her with clothing but in a lewd pose, but this one I wanted it as a slight remake with changes to the symbol and removal of most her outfit. Also of course, she is enjoying herself with an unknown partner. I enjoy making and sharing my traditional artworks using #instagramartist #myart by creating an #artalbum. You can read more about my work on my website art.darkp.com. Character description is #nude, red hair, dark skin tone, breast, semi nude, having interracial anal sex, surreal, #nsfw 4 by 6 art prints are available for this character and can be purchased online via Paypal link... (http://paypal.me/DarkprinceArmonArt) By donation of $5.00 USD. Only ships in us. Digital copies can be purchased from my website art.darkp.com. Tags #nudeart #nudecartoon #nudeillustration #eroticart #eroticcartoon #eroticillustration #lewdart #lewdcartoon #lewdillustration #uniquecharacter #darkprincearmon #sexart #sexcartoon #sexillustration

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