#EroCosplay Nonsummerjack – Anubis (cosplay.ero.darkp.com)

Nonsummerjack Anubis Ero Cosplay
Nonsummerjack Anubis Ero Cosplay
Nonsummerjack Anubis

Nonsummerjack – Anubis

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Mikuru Nazume Lewd by Anwar Wilkerson - DarkprinceArmon Art: Lewd Nude Cartoon Artist (http://art.darkp.com) @darkprincearmon IG#. ——> Materials used to produce this #art #illustration where #MixedMedia: graphite pencils, pastel chalk, permanent marker, POSCA marker, and gel pen. ——> Reference used was from Deviant Art follower (Dipuc4Life) pencil rendered drawing , reimagined into #character based from artist imagination. ——> I don’t know what to say. I saw this pencil rendering done by one of my deviant art friends and I just had to do this into a picture of my own style. I didn’t enhance much maybe just the breast, and made the butt a little bouncier. I did a small amount of research on the characters background, and I know she is from an old manga series, but I was unable to find any color pictures of here. So I just made up the colors of her and gave her some slimy ghost to keep her company. Maybe she is hunting the ghost with that special gun in her hand. I leave it up to your interpretation. Please visit my site (http://anwarwilkerson.darkp.com) - HighRes Art Downloads for Sale to find the digital download of this image. ——> I enjoy making and sharing my traditional artworks using #instagramartist #myart by creating an #artalbum. You can read more about my work on my website http://anwarwilkerson.darkp.com. Character description is #nude, dirty bloke, pail skin, medium breast, surreal, #nsfw ——> 4” by 6” art prints are available for this character and can be purchased online via Paypal link... (http://paypal.me/DarkprinceArmonArt) By donation of $5.00 USD. Only ships in us. Digital copies can be purchased from my website art.darkp.com. ——> Tags #nudeart #nudecartoon #nudeillustration #eroticart #eroticcartoon #eroticillustration #lewdart #lewdcartoon #lewdillustration #uniquecharacter #darkprincearmon #manga #anime #MikuruNazume #fanart #deviantart

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